10 Tips For Maintaining Your Car Safe During UAEs Summer Heat1

Summers in UAE are real hot and probably your vehicle tyre has blown out or got flat or simply the engine refuses to start! Taking certain measures can help to reduce chance of car breakdown this summer.

Top tips to ensure car maintenance

Check Tyre Treads

Periodical checks are essential and if flat, needs immediate change. Bald tyres are prone to getting blown out or lose grip on hot roads. Also, it will fail Tasjeel check during annual registration and new tyres will be charged more. Buy and use only reputed brand.

Maintain Tyre Pressure

Do not ignore tyre pressure. Low pressure will only consume more fuel and the treads are likely to wear out quickly making your car to become unresponsive and sluggish. Find out details on the right tyre pressure on your car manual.

Purchase official Service Contract

Comprehensive and lengthy warranties are offered on new cars in the UAE. With extended warranty, termed service contract or pay as you go for repairs and servicing, you can enjoy driving thousands of kilometers. You also get timely reminders for service.

Check coolant level

The coolant is used in the radiator and its function is to keep the engine cool. The coolant needs to be topped up periodically and container is to be made from clear plastic having markings on it for indication of liquid within being at correct level.

Take care of dodgy AC

If the AC starts to smell or slows down, then summer driving can become unbearable in UAE condition. Usually, gas needs to be changed. Get skeptical if extensive mechanical work is recommended by the mechanic.

Change oil when necessary

A common belief is to change oil every 5,000 clicks. Follow your car manual. Know the difference between dirty and clean oil. Understand why to ‘flush’ your engine if suggested by the mechanic. Worn out seals may get exposed on flushing in old cars.

Know your Gauges

There are plenty of things present on the dashboard that many are not aware of. Find out more about them on your car manual to understand what they mean. Get them fixed if they do not work properly.

Check out for Battery:

Often, car batteries are claimed to be ‘maintenance free’. However, you should look out for leakage signs, build up on contact points and clean them using battery brush. Keep handy battery starter or jump leads for emergencies. Choose reputed brand and correct unit type during replacement.

Ensure Functional Lights

Dubai authorities are strict about car lights. Check lights regularly. Fix if they are found bust. If fixing by self, avoid touching the new bulb’s glass part to avoid damage. Purchase bulb specified for your car model.

Monitor Fuel Consumption

Accelerated fuel consumption level means something wrong with the vehicle, such as failing spark plugs. Again with low tyre pressure, the car will consume more fuel and work much harder.

The above are the ways by which you can maintain your car and keep in good condition to drive comfortably in UAE this summer.



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10 Tips For Maintaining Your Car During UAE’s Summer Heat
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