is here to make the insurance cover simply easy for you like creating a picture in easy and fun way. Our objective is to help you get insurance cover that match perfectly with your needs. Insurance is perceived as something which is unnecessarily complicated and difficult to understand. Founders of with the expertise in insurance and technology were trying to find out solution that makes insurance purchase not only an easy thing but also a fun event.

How can insurance be so easy? That's what you are thinking Right?

Answer is simple "Technology ". Technology has made lot of things simple for you. GPS is helping you to find out any location easier. Social media is helping you to communicate with anyone and any number of people instantly. With internet banking you can transact money and pay bills from your computer or mobile. So why can't insurance be easy. In the same way we are combining technology and insurance to make insurance easiest for you.
In this digital era insurance cannot be still perceived as a difficult thing. Hence, we made solutions to fit the difficult world of insurance in to your computer and smartphone screen.
Insurance is still percieved as very complex and it is filled with jargons which is not easy for many of the consumers. Our technology team working working very hard to solve this issue and make insurance extremly simple and understandable to anyone.


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