Why do you need to buy Life Insurance Dubai UAE

Why buy Life Insurance is a question that comes to the mind of most people. Is it something that you truly need, or is it merely an inconvenience that you are forced to buy on compulsion by a salesperson?

What is life insurance?

It’s true our life faces risks of death and disability due to natural and accidental causes. The main income of the family may be lost in case of death, permanent or temporary disablement etc. of the main earning member. As a financial cover for a contingency linked with human life, the life insurance gives security.

No definite price can be put on human life! However, a monetary sum can be calculated based on the loss of income in future years. In life insurance, a definite amount of money is received by the dependents of the insurer in case he dies during the term of the policy or becomes disabled by an accident.

Here are some reasons to buy Life Insurance:

Life insurance is fundamental to a sound financial plan. It gives you peace of mind knowing that money would be available to protect your family and assets in a number of ways, including:

Financial security to your family

If you are the only source of income for your family, life insurance provides financial security to your loved ones after you pass away. By getting yourself adequate coverage, your loved ones won’t be left helpless to cope with the monthly bills.

To pay off debts

Life insurance can also be utilised to cover debts like the mortgage in addition to providing income to cover everyday living expenses. Your loved ones wouldn’t have to sell the house to stay solvent.

To cover children’s education

A life insurance policy would be a viable option to save money for your child’s education! You can use your insurance payouts to supplement your savings and to help wipe out student loans.

Business Planning

If you are a business owner, it’s very crucial that you have life insurance. It covers all your obligations so that your hard work is not wasted. In case your business is a partnership with someone else, even then you should both go for coverage. That way, if one partner dies, the other partner need not shoulder all the financial burdens.

The future cannot be predicted by anyone. But with a life insurance cover in hand, you and your loved ones can be prepared for anything happening. You can be rest assured that your family has protection in place in case anything happens to you.

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Why do you need to buy Life Insurance?
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