Rising prices in healthcare can make a dent on your budget if anyone in your family is hospitalised for a long time. It’s always better to think into the future and get a health insurance cover now. But there are certain dos and don’ts that you must follow to ensure that you make the most of your health insurance coverage.

Dos of buying a health care plan

Market Research – Take care to do a thorough market research before you buy. Lots of plans are available in the market, it is rather hard to select the suitable health plan for your requirements.

Meet Insurance agents You can get a clear picture about the different health insurance plans and proposals if you meet up with insurance agents.

Coverage Options – Health insurance cover may have restrictions on what is being covered or not. Get information on inclusions and restrictions before-hand.

Read Policy Terms and Conditions – Do read the terms and conditions in the policy carefully so that you are not misled.

Compare Plans – It’s always good to compare various health insurance plans to get the best possible option.

Check for enlisted Specialists or hospitals – It is better to peruse the list of hospitals or specialists enlisted with the insurance provider.

Pre-existing Conditions – Before taking medical insurance, always disclose the details of pre-existing diseases, if any, like high Blood pressure or Diabetes.

Submit Documents – Depending on your age at the time of buying the policy you should submit all the necessary documents, medical reports etc. to the insurance company.

Medical Tests – If the health cover insists on certain medical tests to be done, check as to where and how to go about it. Also, check with the agent who will bear the cost of these medical tests.

Feedback – Always try to get feedback from family and friends who have purchased a health insurance plan. Their experiences with their health insurance provider can help you a lot.

Proposal Acceptance from the Insurer – Always wait till your proposal is accepted by the insurer before making the payment of your premium.

Don’ts of buying a health care plan:

Don’t buy without clarity – If you cannot understand a plan completely, never buy it.

Don’t hide your health conditions – Before buying never hide anything related to your medical condition or you may find it difficult in the future when you will start to make a claim.

Don’t delay policy renewal – Take care not to delay your policy renewal or the coverage may lapse.

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Dos and Don’ts while Applying for an Individual Health Insurance Policy
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