7 Tips for Searching a Job in UAE

UAE, is the ultimate job destination for many job seekers as it generates thousands of vacancies on a daily basis. Often you might have seen many people trying for jobs in UAE with no success or land a job with low salary. Only if people apply for jobs in the correct way with the right job – hunting techniques, they can land their dream jobs.

Here are some 7 tips for searching a job in UAE.

1. Market Research

Do proper market research if you are seeking jobs in UAE. The majority of corporate companies in UAE give preference to candidates: Local, European, Western, Asian & others in that order.

If you are highly skilled with experience in a good firm then your chances are high. Start applying 3 – 4 weeks before coming to UAE as most of the companies have screening period of 2-3 weeks, you may lose 20-25 days of your visa period.

2. A high profile CV

Your Curriculum Vitae, CV or your resume is your advertisement. Make sure yours can stand out in a matter of seconds. It should summarise and highlight your strengths, skills and experience in a way that grabs the attention of the recruiter who might spend only seconds skimming through it from the hundreds of resumes. Visa status and expiry date should also be mentioned. Get the resume written by a professional agency or consultant. Linking your professional LinkedIn account in the resume can be of great help.

3. Applying – The right method

It is easy to find a job in UAE if you know the method of applying for jobs. Do not apply with one CV for different jobs. Prepare a focused CV, cover letter for each time & before sending review your CV. Never send your CV without a cover letter. You can also use your references to secure a job.

4. Use Social Media

The power of social Media cannot be underestimated! Today many companies hire through LinkedIn and other social media profiles. It’s always good to create a professional profile on LinkedIn and Facebook or take membership of recruitment & professional groups. Be an active member.

5. Forms on Jobs Website

Many companies have career portals to hire people. Fill in the career forms with complete details making it easy for recruiters to find you. Your chance of getting a job is increased!

6. Create your contact list

Create a database of all the companies you applied to, along with a phone number and email & the date of application to keep track of your progress.

7. Never give up hope

Living in UAE without a job is tough going! Utilise that time to learn something you’ve always wanted to do, or learn things that could possibly help in your career. Make a series of cold calls to your favourite companies instead of just waiting & watching.

These are only some basic tips to help your job search in UAE. Try them out, we wish you best of luck for your future.


7 Tips for Searching a Job in UAE
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