Are you paying too much for your insurance in the UAE?

Insurance sector in UAE is emerging as a money spinner! The number of insurance providers have also risen, thanks to the health insurance policy that is mandatory in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

As for the consumer, he/she is getting confused what with many insurance agents and brokers, promising all kinds of attractive benefits & diverse insurance plans. They take the leap and sign on contracts not knowing what they are in for! With so many definitions and clauses written in small fonts the consumers are left wondering if they are paying too much for insurance in UAE.

Covermatch – top insurance consultants are here to help you clear the doubts.

Before you take out an insurance plan check out these points:

Are you paying too much for unnecessary coverage?

Generally, people are too busy to delve into information because of the complex and long contracts to be read. So, they normally sign the contracts blindly trusting the insurance agent who may make the customer pay for unnecessary coverage.

Are you underestimating the impact of large unforeseen losses on your life?

Unforeseen losses can be devastating! Something like a fire wiping out your home and its belongings, a car crash that destroys your whole car, or the loss of your jewellery. Often you tend to underestimate the impact of such events and don’t protect yourself against them.

Are you overpaying for your insurance?

As customers are getting so many insurance offers, they at times buy insurance plans without realising that they might already have it. Just like a life insurance policy with a personal accident cover. There are people who buy it with their car insurance policy even though they might be already having it.

How can Covermatch help you?

Covermatch is here to help customers make better informed decisions in taking out their insurance coverage.

  • We focus on bringing more transparency and simplicity to the whole process.
  • We try to educate customers to understand the risks they face, develop risk tolerance and also keep a critical mind when they look to buy insurance.
  • The comparison tool of Covermatch helps you to understand the coverage, compensations in case of losses etc.
  • Our expert insurance consultants will guide you to make the final decision.
  • Our insurance experts will check your contracts and ensure that you are getting the right coverage at the right price, and not overpaying for covers you don’t need.

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Are you paying too much for your insurance in the UAE?
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