Best car insurance companies in UAE

Have you become the proud owner of a new car in UAE? Congratulations! Time to think about car insurance as well! Car insurance in UAE is mandatory. You stand to get a better deal if you buy the insurance plan customised for your needs. Luckily there is no dearth of best car insurance companies in UAE to choose your plan.

More than 60 insurance companies have operations in UAE and finding the best, customized and affordable car insurance policy is an easy task now. However, it is always better to check out which policy will work the best for you, how large should the coverage be & also how you can get the best deal.

Here is a list of best car insurance companies in Dubai to answer your doubts.

New India Assurance Company Ltd

The New India Assurance Company Ltd. provides vehicle insurance in the UAE customised to the needs of the car owners.


  • Provides rent-a-car option
  • Off-road cover for all private vehicles
  • Provides road assistance
  • Windscreen damage is also covered

SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company

As one of the top-rated car insurance companies in UAE, SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company offers tailor-made car insurance policies in UAE adhering to the principles of Shari’ah. Its policies provide cover against damage or loss to the car, its spare parts, and accessories caused:

By accidental collision or accident or overturning and the subsequent mechanical breakdown.

  • By theft of burglary
  • By malicious action of any third-party
  • By external explosion, thunderbolt, fire, lightning. or self-ignition

Third-party Liability: The insurance company also compensates the insured in case of an accident caused by the use of your car, subject to limitations.

WATANIA Insurance Company

Being a prime insurer in UAE, the WAtania Insurance company policies offer diverse benefits to its customers like Third-party Liability Insurance.


  • Discounted International Driving License
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Facilitates Mulkiya Renewal Registration Procedure

Oriental Insurance Company

Oriental Insurance Company is a major presence in the insurance industry of UAE. It offers comprehensive car insurance along with other benefits to its customers.


  • It provides vehicle towing assistance
  • Offers car rent service
  • Feature of lock-out service
  • Refueling service is provided as well

Adamjee Insurance Company

A Pakistan-based insurance provider, with its name listed in PSEL (Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited). It has a diversified business portfolio. The motor insurance policies provide the maximum coverage against:

  • Accidental damages
  • Theft
  • Third-party liability,


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