Do you really need an Insurance broker?

Getting an insurance plan has become a necessity in everyday life, be it for life or health as nothing is predictable nowadays. The coverage and terms of insurance policies are so complicated that you tend to get confused. You have two choices when you are planning to buy insurance. You can work with an insurance broker who represents diverse insurance companies or you can choose to buy directly from a captive insurance agent who represents a single insurance company.

But the question is do you really need an insurance broker?

Your requirements may be different from others. When choosing an insurance policy, you’ll need to consider its pros and cons. You’ll need to know how to customize your policies.

There are many questions that as a customer you’ll face:

  • Whom to ask doubts on insurance policies?
  • How to know if it is the right kind of insurance?
  • Who ask to ensure there is enough coverage in the policy?
  • Who will stand with you when an insurance company denies a claim?
  • Who will help the consumer to make changes when life changes for you?

A good broker can advise you on all these better than native agents who might be restricted in their policy offerings.

As a customer you might not know everything about different companies. Many companies give an assortment of coverages, but as brokers represent a variety of insurance companies, they tend to have a broader understanding of the companies’ offerings and key benefits. They can help with comparison-shopping & getting the best prices for the coverage you need.

Brokers are commission-based. They can act as the consumer’s partner and ensure that the consumer has the right coverage, the right policy terms, and the right price.

Benefits of using an Insurance broker:

  • They help clients choose the plans that fit their needs.
  • They are aware of more products than consumers are.
  • Insurance brokers shop several companies and strive to get the best prices.
  • They can assess and assist with consumer risk management.
  • Insurance brokers can look at unique situations and come up with the appropriate coverage options.
  • They help with customer service and claims.
  • They are able to identify trends and upcoming policy rate increases.
  • They offer a range of products so that when consumer needs change, their insurance can also change with them.

Insurance brokers can educate consumers on the need for insurance and help address some of the consumer irrationalities when shopping for insurance policies. All these leads to the fact that consulting a good insurance broker is always worth the effort and you stand to get the best coverage for your unique needs.

Do you really need an Insurance broker?
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