Selling your car in Dubai - All you need to know

Trying to sell your car in Dubai at the right price can be really time consuming task. You can do it in two ways – Either you can accept the dealer’s price as a trade-in, or you can decide to sell it privately. It all depends on the amount of time you are willing to invest to get the most out of your car.

Here’s a run through different ways to sell your car…

You sell the car by yourself

You should know all the specs of your car if you trying to sell your vehicle by yourself. You will need to show your car to all possible interested buyers until you get the right value for your car. It is very simple but time consuming.

1) Post an Ad on Dubizzle

You can post an advertisement in Dubizzle – the leading advertising platform in UAE. Take good pictures of the interior and exterior of your car. Up to ten pictures can be posted on Dubizzle. Make sure you post it like a pro.

2) Do proper research on pricing?

Take time out to know the actual value of your car. You can compare with other cars having similar specs posted on the Dubizzle to get an idea. Be reasonable and flexible when you post the ads don’t go for very high prices.

3) All documents should be kept

Keep the record of oil changes, service, new parts and other mechanical work and replacements as well as insurance and any claims.

4) Detail your car

Invest money on your car for washing and polishing, cleaning interiors & exteriors to add value & attract buyers.

5) Professional inspection

Getting your car professionally inspected for everything from brakes to lighting system, if it is already out of warranty period but still in good condition will fetch a good price for it

6) Price Negotiation

Many potential buyers will come to check the cars and you have to be patient to get the desired price. Try not to negotiate and commit any price over the phone. You may get misled.

7) Let third parties sell your car

Many companies will be ready to sell your car on your behalf. The whole selling process will be handled by them and they will take care of all the documentation.

8) Cash your car for instant cash

If you are looking for a reasonable price to sell your car and don’t have the time, you can sell to companies that provide instant cash for your car.

9) Finalising sale

Do not transfer the vehicle to the buyer, unless you have the cash transferred to your account. Ensure you get complete details about the buyer.

Selling your car in Dubai – All you need to know
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