Insurance products & solutions for your business in UAE

Running a business in UAE? Business insurance should be a must have! The Business insurance coverage protects your business from financial losses that can result from accidents, property damage, professional errors, workers compensation claims and the like. Adequate business coverage is vital in minimizing the negative impact of claims against your business.

Business Insurance can be broadly classified into two categories. Mandatory & Optional covers. As a business owner you might have a good idea as to what tools, equipment, materials and technology are needed to run your business. But selecting the right type of insurance you need and how much coverage is apt to help protect their business is rather confusing for you.

Mandatory covers:

  • Cargo Liability– It covers your liability for loss or damage of cargo in your custody.
  • Third party liability – The insurance covers you for third party bodily injury property damage arising out of your insured services.
  • Professional indemnity – Insurance cover against breach of duty, errors and omissions in your professional capacity.
  • Fines and penalties – It covers your liability to pay fines and penalties to any authority or a third party.

Optional covers:

  • Insurance of equipment –Protects you for loss or damage to equipment owned or rented by you.
  • Workmen’s Compensation – Provides wage replacement and medical benefits to your employees if they get injured during the course of employment.
  • Public Liability – if your business operations directly or indirectly interact with the public, then Public Liability cover is mandatory.
  • Property Insurance – Protects your business from losses that arise from damage to buildings, contents and consequential loss of business.

Just check out the diverse insurance products & solutions for your business in UAE

Group Healthcare Insurance

Your employees are the most valuable assets of your business and good healthcare coverage for your employees can significantly increase your company’s output.

Liability Insurance

Create a safe workplace for your business with Liability insurance coverage! The coverage offers protection against your legal liability to the public and to your employees in case of accidents occurred in your business.

Logistics Insurance

When running a freight & Cargo business, you need to protect your business against a range of liabilities that relate to the handling of cargo, transportation and movement of goods, the public as well as your employees. The logistics insurance protects your buildings, equipment, stocks and other fixed assets in your possession.

Motor Fleet Insurance

If you own a vehicle fleet and your business operations demand on being on the road, a Motor Fleet Insurance can benefit you! It provides you with tailor – made plans to suit your business needs.

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Insurance products & solutions for your business in UAE
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