6 good reasons to buy Home Contents Insurance in the UAE

Home insurance has not been taken seriously in UAE as most people think it is either too expensive or it is not that much important. But many unfortunate things happen which are out of our control. Once you have taken a home insurance plan it becomes very easy to claim your losses from these disasters.

So, here we take you through six good reasons why you should consider buying a home contents insurance policy.

Flooding & Fire

Breakout of fire in Dubai high-rise buildings of late reminds us that disastrous things can happen to your house or apartment at any time. Even though high-rise buildings have smoke detectors fitted, things can get out of control once a fire starts and it would be several hours before normalcy is restored, by then considerable damage may have been done to your home and its belongings.

Same is the case with flooding of apartments due to leakage of pipes when the apartment remains closed as you are on leave or on a vacation. A home contents insurance policy will be able to reimburse you for any belongings that have been lost.

Theft & Burglary

Theft in UAE is a rare occurrence thanks to the existing stringent laws. At times, it does happen. Many villas are targeted more likely in the summer, when people are away for long periods. If you can show your insurer that you have taken the right precautions like locking doors to secure your property, you are liable to get home contents insurance to cover your losses.

Things outside your house

A home contents insurance may also cover things outside your house on your request. When you’re away and your garden furniture or favourite plants go missing or get damaged, your home contents insurance may cover it.

Vandalism & malicious damage

What if someone has vandalised your walls or scratched your car? As long as the damaged items are within a certain distance of your property, Home Contents insurance can cover the cost of repair.

Broken stuff

If you’re an out and out clumsy person and have a habit of breaking stuff or even if your kids have knocked over something, Home contents insurance can cover these accidental damages on your request.


If any damage to person or property occurs within the bounds of your property, like someone slipping & getting hurt, your dog biting someone or a tree falling on a car on your driveway, you can claim Home contents insurance for it. You’ll be covered if the other party decides to prosecute you for damages.

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6 good reasons to buy Home Contents Insurance in the UAE
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