Everything you need to know about Group Health Insurance Policies in UAE

The Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi has made it mandatory that the employer provide health insurance coverage for his employees. Many other Emirates have no such laws at present mandating employer sponsored health insurance, local regulators are considering the introduction of a mandatory employee health insurance scheme where the employers in the United Arab Emirates will be responsible for the premiums & it will be vital to have it in place to avoid fines.

Many employers in UAE consider health insurance as an attractive recruitment tool and it is often included as part of an employee’s compensation package. There are many major group health insurance providers in UAE.

The important factors you need to be thinking about when looking for group health insurance for your employees should be:

  • The Geographical scope of coverage (eg. UAE only, UAE + Home Country, Worldwide)
  • The category of network of healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centers)
  • The coverage you would like to give for pre-existing conditions
  • Whether you opt for co-pay or fixed excess
  • Do you want to include optional coverages like dental, optical, wellness, alternative medicine?
  • Whether you want to categorise benefits based on employee level
  • Do you want to cover maternity and how much?
  • The targeted levels of service in terms of turnaround times
  • Do you want to have reimbursement facilities for claims made outside the direct billing network and at what percentage.

After receiving your enquiry for group health insurance, one of our Group Medical Insurance Advisors will contact you to learn more about your requirements. You have to provide information like the list of employees or your current plan’s claims experience report. On receiving your details, they would typically get back to you over the course of the next few days with various options based on your requirements.

We at Covermatch ensure that you totally understand the package you are purchasing & provide consistent and proactive service once you route your policy through us. We make sure that everything like additions, deletions, reimbursements and claims negotiations are completed on time and in the policy holder’s interest. You may rest assured that your employees would be well taken care of regardless of the insurance packages & insurer selected.

The insurance plans which we can provide will offer a range of extended benefits like Out-patient Treatment, Maternity Treatment, Dental Protection, Emergency evacuation and many more. For more details on UAE Group Health Insurance policies get in touch with us today.

Everything you need to Know about Group Health Insurance Policies in UAE
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