Natural childbirth in UAE

Expecting a child is a long wait for every mother. When it comes to giving birth in the UAE a little planning and preparation can go a long way so that your journey to motherhood may become easy for you. There are some things that may take you by surprise but not to worry.

Be the one in control! You need not get swept away on a medicalised path to decide what is right for you and your baby. In low-risk pregnancies, the global medical community has agreed that a ‘natural’ birth (a vaginal delivery with little or no medical intervention) is the best option for a happy and healthy mum and baby. Even though it might seem intimidating, a labour without medicines or minimal medical intervention is preferred by many women in the UAE. Given the right guidance and support it is an empowering and uplifting birth experience for women.

But the options for women seeking a natural birth experience in UAE has traditionally been limited, while at the same time, UAE reports the highest caesarean section rates in the world. Home birth is not a legal option for expectant mothers in UAE as there is a lack of birthing centres without the traditional hospital setting & this impacts the options for non-medicalised deliveries. Customise your birthing plan and preferences following research and guidance from qualified professionals. You can get a Doula to assist you both emotionally and physically during your birth here.

Be prepared for lots of ultrasound scans. You’ll have frequent appointments throughout your pregnancy, and there are a few mandatory tests like the Glucose test for gestational diabetes etc.

An attested marriage certificate proving your marital status with your husband is a must to admit to a hospital for childbirth. It is highly illegal & dangerous in the UAE to have a child out of wedlock.

Healthcare being a very competitive business in UAE, as with major hospitals, popular doctors in UAE will have long waiting lists to take you on as a patient. It’s always better to do some research, meet with different doctors before fixing the doctor and hospital. You shouldn’t be surprised to find the finest quality of healthcare and international standards in hospitals which are like five star hospitals.

You need medical insurance to cover the costs of giving birth in UAE. The prenatal care itself will cost up to around AED 6000 & the birth itself can range from AED 6000 to AED 25,000 depending on whether it’s a natural birth or a Caesarean delivery. Hence it is necessary to check your maternity coverage as well. Get the help of a good insurance provider in UAE to know more details.


Natural childbirth in UAE – What to expect?
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